Protect your children from sex offenders

An offender is always going to look for access to the child and time alone with the child and any adult looking for these things in unreasonable amounts is suspicious. None of these behaviors in and of themselves prove that a person is a sexual predator, but together they may make a caregiver suspicious. Overall, the most important thing to teach your child is personal safety and create a safe space for him to tell if anything bad has happened.

What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Your Child Safe From Sexual Abuse

Child predators are much less likely to target children they think will talk about the abuse. Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD. All Rights Reserved. Reducing the Risk of Child Offender Victimization While nothing a caregiver does will absolutely prevent child sexual abuse , there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of child offender victimization. Consider these steps to protect someone you love from child predators: 1 Be watchful — always be on the lookout for situations or behaviors that seem dangerous or suspicious.

Always know where your child is. Monitor online activities — know what you child does online to prevent access by online child predators. Check policies — check child protection policies at organizations that interact with your child. For example, what is the policy on screening the people that coach soccer?

Does the organization check the sex offender registry? Be with the child — accompany the child to public places like washrooms, stores and activities.

5 Tips To Protect Your Child From Unidentified Sex Offenders

Communicate — be sure the child understands that he or she can tell you anything, even if he is afraid. Rehearse — use "what if" scenarios to be sure a child knows what to do if a questionable situation arises.

For example, "what would you do if you played a game with an adult that made you feel uncomfortable? Make sure a child understands that being a good child doesn't mean just "blind obedience" to whatever any adult says. Are you worried about registered sex offenders in your community? Learn how establishing good family boundaries can help keep children safe. Find out how healthy sex education can support a child. Get support and guidance around safety planning when you're notified of a registered sex offender in your community.

Parents Protect - FAQs

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