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Below we have provided a listing of free cell phone providers, to help you find the best phone service for your needs.

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If you qualify, you may be eligible to receive mobile services each month, without cost. You will find large cellular companies, as well as smaller regional providers near you. You can find free service in most states, however, some states charge a small fee or tax to participate in the program. Enter your Zip Code or city and state. Next go the provider in your state , register online, or download an application and fax or mail.

United Kingdom Cell Phones, Carriers and Networks Guide

You must submit proof of income and identity. The Lifeline is a federal government-mandated program that helps low-income consumers with free phone service. Free government cell phone companies in the U. Now Platinum Tell Wireless.

Top Cell Phone Companies Offering The Best Plans

Safelink is the largest, oldest and best known of the companies all across the U. Tag Mobile. True Wireless. Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington, and Rhode Island.

The list of free government cell phone providers working with Lifeline Assistance is growing all the time. Come back again; we will always be updating this information. Now that you have seen the list of authorized mobile phone providers, check out the eligibility requirements for Lifeline help! Read Lifeline Consumer Guide. The free government phone business is not for the faint of heart.

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Wireless carriers may not be the first place you think of as a source for Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals , but if you're in the market for a new smartphone, make sure you check out each of the Big Four wireless carriers in the days leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Carriers often offer discounts on phones, usually in the form of BOGO deals or rebates when you trade-in your old handset. Be aware that the discounts often appear as bill credits spread out over the course of 24 months.

You may also see deals on tablets and smartwatches from carriers that require you sign up those devices for a data plan. To rank each carrier, we took five factors into account, giving greater weight to the categories we consider the most important. Performance 40 Points : While many factors go into deciding which cellphone provider is best, performance remains the key consideration. That's why network performance, measured by speed, makes up nearly half of our grade for wireless carriers.

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We based our rankings on our nationwide LTE tests , in which we traveled to multiple cities across the country to see how each carrier performed. We measured download and upload speeds at select locations in each city, using Ookla's Speedtest. Rankings currently reflect our results from tests in six cities, where Verizon finished with the best average download speed and fastest app download time.

But we've posted our results for testing in eight cities, where Verizon finished on top in all categories nationally. We'll update our scores soon to reflect these results. Plans 25 points : We constantly review the plans offered by each carrier , looking at which one offers the most data at the lowest prices. We evaluated plans for individuals and families as well as prepaid options , rewarding carriers who provide the best mix of value and variety.

Our picks for best plans are based on what the carriers are offering as of May If you don't need unlimited data, Verizon has the best tiered data plan for individuals. We like MetroPCS's prepaid options for unlimited data, individuals and families, although Virgin has the best bargain plan. Customer Service 20 points : When you have a question about your wireless plan or your device, you don't want to have to navigate through a convoluted phone tree or search fruitlessly on a cluttered website to get an answer. We went undercover to evaluate the customer service offered by each carrier.

In addition to phone calls to each carrier, we evaluated online troubleshooting resources, such as FAQs and online chat features.

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  7. We also took to social networks, posing questions to carriers over Facebook and Twitter to see how fast and accurately they responded. Verizon leapt to the top of our rankings as of April , thanks to its strong online tools and friendly reps, narrowly beating out T-Mobile. We're about to update our rankings for , though, so stay tuned. Phone Selection 10 points : A top carrier needs to offer a wide selection of phones, balancing both quality and quantity. We also took exclusives into account.

    Best prepaid plans: data

    Extras 5 points : The final portion of each carrier's grade reflects what kind of extras they offer subscribers. Extras can include everything from rates for international calls, text and data, to special services offered to subscribers. You may not pick your wireless carrier based on these perks, but they are factors that can separate a good carrier from the rest of the pack.

    Big Red improves from second place to No. It also helps that Verizon offers multiple unlimited plans even though its latest iteration of four plans can be pretty hard to decipher. Verizon plans View Deal. After a year in the top spot, T-Mobile is now the runner-up to Verizon, but it was a close battle.


    The Best Cell Phone Plans

    T-Mobile can point to having the best unlimited plan and the most alluring set of customer perks, including a great program for international travelers. Finishing behind Verizon in network- performance and customer-service tests puts the Uncarrier in second place overall.

    Verizon: Which Is Best for You? T-Mobile plans View Deal. While the carrier now features unlimited data plans, those don't measure up to its rivals.