Track yahoo messenger ip address

Well done! And thanks -Optimist. I want to find a current location or any id of a person?

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  3. How can I get the IP address of someone I'm instant messaging, and does it actually identify them??
  4. Not what you needed?!

Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday.

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This is a great story. Email me the headers and i will show u the location of sender on google maps : Regards, Zain. May Allah bless u ppl.

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    trace Yahoo ID to get user Ip address

    Session expired Please log in again. I need to know IP address just bcz i can know from which country person is chatting with me. Plz let me know Start Free Trial. Do more with. View Solution Only. Commented: Well the short answer is no, as normal chat always goes through the yahoo servers. However, if you are able to establish some other type of connection webcam, voice, or some other type of direct connection then you will be able to obtain their IP address from your logs or netstat or what have you.

    Another possibility would be having them visit a webpage on a web server that you control, then their IP would show up in those logs. However, through normal chat, I dont believe that there is a method of obtained their IP. Cheers anom. Ask the person with whom you are chatting! Learn More! Author Commented: I have already tryed.

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    Verified Expert. So, the people you are chatting with are people who added you to their yahoo messenger without your permission? If you and they added each other mutually there should be some degree of friendship there and eventually they tell you where they are. And I have written down alot of the IP's so I know the countries. I have also been able to find out the approximate area of the world that people are in by looking at the times on e-mails received thru Hotmail. The times can tell me whether they are in Europe or Asia, etc.

    None of this can help you on Yahoo unless you are friends with them and ask them to chat with you on MIRC for a time or two since your Yahoo messenger is used by several people in your house or office and the chats may not be confidential, etc.

    Or ask them to send you a file, etc by e-mail. I think the time difference between when you receive it and when they sent it less the time difference from you to Yahoo, 3 hours I think can tell you the geographic region of the world. There are casual questions I can use, like, it is very late here, what time where you are.