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But they arrested her anyway and put her in jail for a day. Though her charges were later dropped, the pending felony resulting from the arrest meant that Bredbenner temporarily lost custody of her child. The officers, however, did not appear to face any consequences. Though Bredbenner later sued them for false arrest, and a district and an appeals court later found they did not have probable cause for the arrest, in the years following the incident, at least two of the three officers appear to have stayed on the force.

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The election should be a big deal because the county is home to 1. On top of this institutional backing, Chronister is in a league of his own when it comes to campaign financing. Last year, Zarah Jackson, 62, was found in his Hillsborough County Jail cell, unconscious and lying in a pool of blood. After Jackson shouted curses and flailed his arms, a group of guards tackled him, slamming his face onto the concrete floor.

He was moved to a clinic then had a disciplinary hearing, where he was given 30 days in solitary confinement. This would prove to be a death sentence. Over the next week, Jackson was shifted from a hospital to a jail infirmary, and finally back to solitary confinement.

Over a week later, he was found comatose in his cell and never woke up. His family took him off life support. He died on Feb. Though authorities said publicly that six inmates had died in custody in the last three years, the Tampa Bay Times independently uncovered 13 other deaths. Additionally, the paper found at that least 42 people have died in its jails over the last decade. And there may be more deaths. At a protest in February, Rev. Russell L. Chronister publicly endorsed the deal, even though it could open the county up to lawsuits.

Under Trump, ICE has issued new instructions to local jailers, asking them to hold anyone they believe can be removed, rather than certain undocumented immigrants, based on prior convictions. At the February rally, another attendee, Girsea Martinez-Rosas, said her father had been unfairly deported in and told the crowd that Chronister would pay for the agreement at the polls. After your criminal defense attorney obtains your certificate of eligibility, your lawyer will file a petition in the court that originally had jurisdiction over your case which states the grounds upon which the request is made and the official records which should be sealed or expunged.

For example, if you were arrested on a warrant in Pinellas County, for an offense that allegedly occurred in Hillsborough County, and you are a life-long resident of Polk County, then your petition to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record would be filed in Hillsborough County, Florida, because that is the county that originally had jurisdiction over your criminal offense. The petition must be supported by an affidavit which states the facts that support the petition, and the Florida statutory grounds.

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A copy of your certificate of eligibility will also be filed. The prosecutor or the law enforcement agency has the right to respond to the petition. You do not have an absolute right to have your records sealed or expunged even if you are eligible. Although rare, the court could deny the motion even if the prosecutor or law enforcement agency that made the arrest has no objection. If your request is denied, you can appeal the denial by showing that the court abused its discretion in denying the petition, although showing an abuse of discretion is difficult.

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Therefore, it is important to hire an attorney to go over your underlying offense, find mitigating factors, talk with the prosecutor beforehand to ask them not to object or to provide the prosecutor with enough information to try and convince them not to object, and outline all of the reasons to the court that the petition to seal or expunge the criminal record should be granted.

If your case was resolved without a plea, then you may be eligible to have your Florida record expunged. If your Florida record is expunged, then the public does not generally have access to any records of the arrest or prosecution. The administrative order provides in Section 33 that when Sealing or Expunging Criminal Records, the following rules apply:. If the court withheld adjudication after you entered a plea of guilty or no contest and you have no other convictions for any criminal offense, then you may be eligible to have your Florida record sealed.

Certain offenses are not eligible to be sealed in Florida. After a criminal record is sealed in Florida, the public will not have access to the record. After the record has been sealed for 10 years, it will then become eligible for expunction. In some cases, the prosecutor might object to the sealing of the record because of the statutory language found in both ss. If the original charge is on the list of ineligible offenses, but the prosecutor dropped, reduced, or modified the original charge to another offense not on the list of ineligible offenses, then the prosecutor might argue the court is prohibited from sealing the record.

What happens if you enter a plea, but the court withholds adjudication? You might be eligible to seal the record but not if it is on the following list:. Under certain circumstances, juvenile arrest records are sealed or expunged automatically or by operation of the law, without any petition or request being filed by the person with the juvenile record. In those cases, the sealing or expunction of those records are not classified as a prior seal or expunge for purposes of later having an adult record sealed or expunged.

Additionally, if a juvenile enters a juvenile diversion program in exchange for having the charges dropped after the successful completion of the diversion program, then the expunction of those records do not count as a prior seal or expunge which would make an individual ineligible for for a judicial sealing or expunction pursuant to Florida Statutes Section Contact a Juvenile Defense Attorney in Tampa for more information about sealing or expunging a juvenile record in Florida.

Read more about the process to seal or expunge a juvenile record in Tampa, FL. Most county and municipal law enforcement agencies post the mug shot photographs on their websites.

The victim may bring an action to enjoin the unauthorized use, and to recover damages for any loss or injury. Although a person may bring a civil suit alleging invasion of privacy, this cause of action would generally not apply in cases where the publication at issue was a public record. A Certificate of Eligibility will not be granted for one or more of the following reason s :. The criminal history record, from Florida or another jurisdiction, reflects one or more adjudications of guilty for any felony or a qualifying misdemeanor criminal offense.

The criminal history record reflects an adjudication of guilt for committing one or more of the acts stemming from the arrest or alleged criminal activity to which the application pertains. The criminal history record reflects the existence of a prior expunction or sealing of a criminal history record under s. The criminal history record to which the application pertains relates to a violation of s.

Your application for certification of eligibility to expunge or seal your criminal history record was denied for the reason s stated in this letter. If you or your attorney determine that this basis for denial could possibly be negated, by seeking a court order or modifying the disposition of a criminal charge to remove the disqualifications it imposes, you should be aware that the criminal history record may disclose other criminal charge or charges for which disposition information has not been reported. If you intend to pursue eliminating or remedying the state reason s for the denial of your application for certificate of eligibility, you should be aware that the disposition information missing from your record, if it is available, could result in the denial of your application on grounds completely separate and distinct from those listed in this letter.

If you believe that the denial of the application for a Certificate of Eligibility is in error, you may ask to have the denial reviewed. The motion or petition should be filed in the trial court within thirty 30 days of issuance of this letter.

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See Rowell v. State , So. Box , Tallahassee, Florida, If you have any questions, please contact the Expunge Section at The Florida legislature recently created new exemptions to the public record requirements which took effect on July 1, Pursuant to I of the State Constitution if, on or after July 1, , if the injunction is:. I of the State Constitution only upon request by an individual named in the petition as a respondent if the injunction is:.

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The request must be delivered by mail, facsimile, or electronic transmission or in-person to the clerk of the court. A fee may not be charged for such a request.

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Learn more about the process to obtain a copy of a sealed or expunged criminal record. If you do it yourself, the process is free except for the application fee and costs. The FDLE website contains the expungement packet so that you can do it yourself and eliminate any money paid for attorney fees. Box , Tampa, FL Florida Statute Find information on the criminal procedures to for the sealing or expunction of a criminal record to hide any documents related to the arrest, investigation, prosecution or final disposition of the case.

We represent clients that want to seal or expunge a criminal record quickly throughout the greater Tampa Bay area in Florida. Our main office is located in Tampa in Hillsborough County.

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Contact us to find out the difference between a seal and expunge and the fastest way to complete the process. If you need a lawyer to seal or expunge your criminal record quickly, we can begin today. Call us at First Name. Last Name. Johns St. Office: Sammis Law Firm N. Marion St.

go to link Jason D. Leslie M. Former Assistant Public Defender Matthew A. Amanda Brunson With over 25 jury trials and 40 bench trials, Amanda is experienced in Jennifer Pond As a paralegal, Jennifer assists the attorneys with the initial intake, filing motions Seal — If your Florida record is sealed, then it remains confidential and the public will not have access to the record through any government databases.

In either case, employers will not have access to the information through a background check.