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Join the Marshalls and a cast of characters as they chase "the " all over Philadelphia and the Main Line, hoping that the game is worth the chase. Chasing the provides an fresh and entertaining look into the small, thriving, working class and close knit African American neighborhoods of the s and into the exclusive world of the Black bourgeoisie. Buy "Chasing the ".

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If you are looking for an upbeat novel to relax with after a stressful week at the office, Chasing the is the book for you. This is a book to share with all your literary friends. Ashton Hall — Excel Fashions, Inc. It was great from cover to cover. Can't wait for your next book!

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Join Our Mailing List Email:. The Elevator Group is dedicated to helping people rise above and lead an abundant life by developing books, broadcast media and motion pictures with meaning. Click here to read Chapter 1 from Chasing the Black Expressions is the book club when it comes to books for and by African Americans.

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From new urban fiction to black romance novels and African American Christian fiction, Black Expressions truly has something for everyone. If you're already a member of this popular book club, then please go right ahead and order Chasing the this month.

Book of the Month Club and BOMC2, premier direct to consumer book clubs, also have great exclusive no-cost or low cost offers for Chasing the for their members--old and new! Chasing the on Black Expressions Book Club. Chasing the on Book of the Month Club.

Chasing the on BOMC2. Chasing the was a popular and critical success when Vance first self-published the book in It has gone on to become the first selection of the African American Museum of Philadelphia Book Club, a top-seller of Vance's publishing company, The Elevator Group , and a favorite of readers everywhere.

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It examines the motivations, struggles and successes of the people who lived and dreamed during the fight for racial equality. You will find yourself rooting for Vera and applauding her courage and confidence while wincing sometimes at her methods and attitude. She is a saucy character who makes the reading of this fascinating novel that much more enjoyable.

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This honestly should be a movie. The vehicle skids off of the road and into a lake. As the car is sinking in the murky water, Nina has to make the toughest decision of her life—does she save Christine or Precious?

When Larry returns from his trip, Nina tells Larry what happened but fails to tell him she could have saved Christine. Add to Google Calendar Add to iCal. Share This Event. Let your friends know about this event! Share it on social media. Program Type: Book Club. Age: Adults.