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Everytown for Gun Safety says its "gun safety support fund" will soon launch advertising promoting the law and explaining that it is "easy to comply" with the new requirements. More than 2, Oregonians have the federal firearms licenses required to conduct background checks through the state police.

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Many are hobbyists or antique firearm dealers, but federal records show that there are hundreds of licensees with stores. What's not clear is how many of them will perform the checks. Many of the dealers lobbied against the law and are hesitant to be seen as supporting it.

Karl Durkheimer, who along with his wife owns two stores in the Portland area, refused to allow Everytown to film at his business and said he's still unsure about whether he'll provide background checks for private sellers. Durkheimer said he doesn't want to get blamed for bad service if the checks run into delays and wasn't sure the state has thought through the procedures for how these checks would be conducted. Fred Meyer, which has licenses to sell firearms at 20 of its stores, has decided not to perform the new background checks, said spokeswoman Melinda Merrill.

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Adam Braatz, owner of Mazama Sporting Goods in Eugene, said he has always performed background checks for private sellers who wanted to do it voluntarily and he plans to continue to offer the service. He said a Eugene police detective came by the store to explain how the new system will work.

Okamoto, the Ceasefire Oregon director said that "with more licensed firearms dealers than post offices, I don't think the lack of dealers will be a problem. Piercy, the state police firearms unit manager, said he's added three temporary workers to his staff to ensure they can meet added demand.

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But he said no one knows how many private transfers take place every year, and that it will be hard for the state to know how many people are complying with the new law. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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