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Founded in , the firm…. We are dedicated to providing…. Website More Info. This shall not normally be less than:. If they cannot agree, then the visitation shall be each Wednesday from p. A holiday that falls on a weekend shall be spent with the parent who is designated to have the child ren for that holiday. The rest of the weekend is to be spent with the parent who would normally have that weekend.

This time does not have to be made up.

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Four 4 weeks of companionship shall be granted to the non-residential parent each summer, to be arranged by May 1 st of each year. Said summer visitation shall be taken in 2 two-week intervals unless otherwise agreed by the parties. If the parties cannot agree on times, the time shall be from a. Each parent shall be prompt for pickup and return of the child ren , and the residential parent shall ready the child ren emotionally and physically for the companionship.

The residential parent has no duty to wait for the non-residential parent to pick up the child ren longer than thirty 30 minutes, unless the non-residential parent notified the residential parent s he will be late, and the residential parent agrees to remain available after the thirty-minute waiting period. A parent who is more than thirty 30 minutes late loses the companionship period. A parent who has a pattern of lateness is subject to penalties under the law.

Visitation and companionship shall mean actual visitation with the non-residential parent and does not mean the non-residential parent picking up the child and leaving the child with a non-family member. It shall be the responsibility of the non-residential parent to provide transportation for visitation. The non-residential parent, if unavailable for the pick-up or delivery of the child ren by car, must use an adult driver well known to the child ren for this purpose. All child restraint laws, including the use of proper car seats, must be complied with by any person driving with the child ren.

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Only licensed drivers may transport the child ren. Cancellation of Companionship by Non-Residential Parent. If a non-residential parent is unable to attend visitation, said parent shall give the residential parent at least twenty-four 24 hours advance notice when practical. It is normal when parents first separate that a child may have a strong emotional reaction at companionship times saying goodbye to one parent.

Parents need to know that the emotional response is quite natural, and that each parent needs to calmly reassure the child that he or she will see the other parent soon. Parents should understand that this response by the child does not mean that the child does not love the other parent, or wishes not to spend time with the other parent. The length of the adjustment time will vary.

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If the matter is not settled, either parent should seek the immediate assistance of a mental health professional, a mediator, or a file a motion with the court. As uncomfortable as this issue may be for a parent, this issue should not go unresolved. Returning the Child ren After Exercising Companionship. The non-residential parent shall not return the child ren before the end of the companionship period stated not early, not late, not on a different day , unless the parents agree in advance. The residential parent is responsible for providing sufficient appropriate clean clothing for every companionship period, based on the lifestyle of the residential parent and child.

If the planned companionship activities require special or unusual clothing needs, the non-residential parent must notify the residential parent at least two days in advance of the companionship period. If the child does not have the type of clothing requested, the residential parent is under no obligation to comply with the request. All clothing sent by the residential parent MUST be returned immediately after the companionship period. If schoolwork is assigned by the school prior to the companionship, the residential parent must inform the other parent of the work to be done, and it must be completed.

Address and Telephone Number.

Each parent must, unless the Court orders otherwise, keep the other informed of his or her current address and telephone number, and an alternate telephone number in the event of an emergency. If the residential parent intends to move to a residence other than the residence specified in the visitation order or decree of the court, that parent shall file a Notice of Intent to Relocate.

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See R. Scheduled companionship periods shall not be delayed or denied because a child has other scheduled activities work, lessons, sports, etc. It is the responsibility of the parents to discuss activities important to the child in advance, including time, dates, and transportation needs, so that the child is not deprived of activities.