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Our Properties for People. Download App YP. The YP mobile and tablet applications allow you to discover your local neighbourhood, and make smarter decisions with the help of reviews, photos, videos, maps and more information on your great local businesses. Download App shopwise. Download App www. Plus they claim to have mailed several invoices of which I haven't seen one. Then they ask for my fax which I refuse to give them. If the are hosting some kind of site they should have all that info. A few times I have said stated that I am not in and they refuse a message or phone number.

I seriousley have no idea who these people are. A company called World Business List P.

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Now they are asking us to pay a significant amount and involved a collection company from Netherlands to collect payment from us. Anybody received similar scam, kindly let us know how we can permanently stop these company from these types of fraud. Looking forward to your co-operation. Asked them to produce proof and they play a recording of a previous collection call from them when we asked "send me an invoice".

Call today included recording of them asking if we wanted the service and our owner saying "yes".. Feels like a scam. Any others dealt with them? Scott Andrews is one name used.

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Hi, we got a similar call from them. Our employee was under the impression that he was canceling an account and said yes to them sending an invoice for the remaining balance. It definitely feels like a scam to us. What did you end up doing? I recently advertised in the Yellow Pages and now I get calls from these scammers 10 or more times a day.

I ignore them. They get now info from me.

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Tempted to give them the info from another scammer "company" but I just want to stay out of it. I tried to have a loan from crystal suttle loan company. Has anyone been contacted by Premium Business Pages?? They keep saying they have verbal agreement for online services and sends me invoice. I have filed a complaint with BBB. I just got a call from Premium Business Pages yesterday.

I dug in my archives, because I'd had a similar situation with a different company of course, it never turned out to be anything. These people, however, Premium I called them out on their scam. Before they faxed me the invoice, they insisted on knowing the method of payment I'd prefer to use. This guy said his name was Derrick Johnson, or so he says it is. I told him I never heard of them and never agreed to anything. He then said he'd send a copy of what they did for us the past 2 years along with his business card.

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I just told him cancel our account. From what I've read in these posts, it's interesting to know that they are possibly recording the conversation. Not once was it mentioned that the call was being recorded. If it was, that's completely illegal in itself. I've had it with these people. OBP Super Search in my opinion is a complete scam. We're getting the same calls from OBP Supersearch. I searched for our so-called listing, it is no where to be found. We are reporting it.

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Received a bill via OBP Supersearch. I briefly recall answering questions verifying company and contact information months ago and they apparently recorded my voice saying "Yes" and "that's correct" to questions verifying company information but then did the old switcharoo where they use these answers applied to questions approving advertisement with them. It's the old Bait and Switch routine. They keep calling and resending the bills but it's not getting paid! They go by both names. Address listed in in Quebec. They say they have a voice recording from a former employee approving it.

I responded "not likely, as approvals have to be made by me". Said they'd 'mail' a copy to me. Told the man I'd call him back once I investigated, but he said he didn't have a phone number to give me. He volunteered their customer service line, but only gave me the number when I asked. Surprise, surprise It's not in service. Phone number ex I seen another scam site that listed the same number from a year ago. Offering us "services" that essentially useless if you know anything about web advertising and google SEO. Stay away from this scam I got a email saying many jobs available for graduates It is your choice whether to submit a comment.

If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment. The Federal Trade Commission Act authorizes this information collection for purposes of managing online comments. For more information on how the FTC handles information that we collect, please read our privacy policy. To begin with, an indigenous people called the Kaurna lived in the area. Search Yellow Pages for company addresses.

Search Santa Fe yellow pages with Names and Numbers; Find local business listings, phone numbers, addresses, and things to do in Santa Fe. Your Red Phonebook specializes in providing professional and affordable yellow page advertising in Northern Virginia for businesses in the communities they serve. Find out details like the address and phone number of a business near you. Find people instantly. Free ad solutions from YP. Free business listings for small businesses. Search by category to browse and filter local business listings and to see mapped results.

Each web browser for example, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari has a different way of determining its location. Times change.

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Get maps, direction search, area or postal codes or even perform a reverse search with an address or phone number. Welcome to this our website, your. They are arranged alphabetically by state, shelved before the city and reverse telephone directories for that state. Doha, Qatar. Whitepages is the authority in people search, established in Our easy to use online directory gives you a competitive advantage and connects you to your potential clients. Buyer Sign In Form is a useful tool to let you get accurate suppliers' information.

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The information in this directory is meant to help users look up telephone or fax numbers corresponding to the names given. Dubai medical clinics and hospitals directory provides listings for the top best clinics in Dubai city. City directories contain a wealth of historical information about people, businesses, and civic organizations, enabling researchers to.

New Jersey Phone Book and New Jersey Phone Directory makes searching for businesses and people in New Jersey easy by providing an online business and residential phonebook and phone directory in New Jersey. Separate cross-reference directories also began to appear with listings by street address and telephone number without the alphabetic name listing.

Our free Israeli yellowbook directory enquiries include white pages, yellow pages and email address lookup. Oklahoma - U. Find Australian phone numbers, with residential and business numbers from White Pages, and Yellow Pages online phone books. WhiteYellowPages makes it easier to find anything in Colorado by allowing you to search six different Colorado yellow pages, six different Colorado white pages, or the web from one page. Trinidad and Tobago Online searchable business directory that is a little more than your regular yellow pages. Online Yellow Page business listings are helpful.

Our free Singapore yellowbook directory enquiries include white pages, yellow pages and email address lookup. If you want to do reverse phone lookup for a business phone number then check out Reverse. People move. Yellow Pages of Africa We are the online directory paper and number 1 in Africa, more than , companies are listed in our website.