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If you attempt to pass it off as a real document you will probably land in jail. And it serves you right. WHAT were you thinking? You can find the answers to other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Find out when you will die. Make a fake death certificate Fake-Documents. There are many reasons why you might want to make a joke document, and as long as you're just doing it for FUN you've come to the right place. For just a couple of bucks you can get a document that you can print on your printer. Proud of your Parents?

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Maybe but who isn't a little embarrassed by their parent's lack of fame That might explain your wild grey hair and ditzy personality. We have lined up some wonderful combinations of Parents, but you might have your own ideas. But of course no one will ever believe you if you don't have a Birth Certificate to prove it. And what could be a more useful reminder for someone who is always forgetting your Birthday?

The Legal Framework

Or what a clever way to suggest the actual parentage of a friend or colleague? Simply answer a few easy questions and we will email you the document all ready to be printed. You don't need to pay until the very last step, so feel free to have a go and see how it all works. She died on oct 16, Hello Marlene.

You may want o contact the doctor directly for more information on why he has yet to sign the death certificate and to explain the urgency of receiving it. What can I do about that? Thank you for your advice. Hello Sandi. We certainly understand your concern regarding privacy issues.

You may want to check with the issuing vital records agency to see if they offer a different version of the death certificate with limited information displayed. Hi I just wanted to know what can i do if i think something more happened to my brother they say he die do to a overdose on meth but i have a lot of people that where there at the time saying he was poisoned please help. It been 2 and half weeks and they already cremated his body is there anyway I can get samples to get them retested. Hello Tina. Unfortunately, I am unable to answer the questions you ask.

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You may want to direct them to the medical personnel who were directly involved. When ordering a certificate for someone who was homeless, does it matter what is listed for Address of Residence? A PO box is the most consistent address but not necessarily the last. Hello Janelle. Requirements can vary from agency to agency so we suggest you contact the original issuing vital records agency the vital records agency in the area where the person named on the certificate was born. They should be able to provide you with more information about their requirements. I live in Walker County and my Aunt passed away of natural causes and this was December 02, and we and the coroner will not go to the funeral and sign none of the death certificate so we can pay for her funeral and head stone.

How long will we have to wait so we can do issues also. Hello Patrick. We are sorry for you loss. Unfortunately, it is unclear what you are asking. Can you please clarify your question? Do you have a suggestion of where I can find more information for a burial location?

Death certificate

My father passed a month ago. He passed in jail. The company who cremated him is doing the death certificate. Hello Ashley. The time it takes to process a death certificate can be affected by any number of factors. You may want to contact the cremation company to see if there is a reason the certificate has not been issued yet. My husband passed away. I tried to find out. I no idea what happen to my husband I went to get his death certificate. Hello Melba. We are sorry to hear about your predicament.

get link You may consider seeking legal assistance to determine if you qualify for spousal benefits. I found paper with my sons signature giving him permission for blood transfusion. They have the time on the reports hrs and than it says on corner report he had surgical incisions and he main vain was cut out and gauze was left and surgical scalpel. I a mom I shaking right now can someone tell me why so many discrepancies. There could be any number of reasons for the discrepancies.

You may want to contact the hospital or coroner to see if than can provide clarification. Hello Danny. My mother recently passed away at Porter Hospital in Colorado from pneumonia. When I picked up her death certificate from the funeral home, the cause of death is not listed on the certificate.. How could this happen and do I need new certificates reissued? Hello Chuck. You may want to contact the hospital, doctor who declared the death or coroner if one was involved to find out if there was a particular reason her cause of death was omitted from the death certificate.

It is possible it is not required review the laws of the state where the death occured or it was a case of simple human error. Just curious if a person has cancer and has chemo treatments that knock out their amune system causing death by the flue.. If person dies from cancer related illness should death certificate state Cancer?

How to Get a Copy of a Death Certificate

Hello Jim. Thank you for reaching out with your question.

If the state where the death took place uses the US Standard Certificate of Death , there is a place to list both the immediate cause of death and the underlying cause of death. You could contact the hospital or coroner to find out how they go about determining what will be listed as COD on the death certificate. My father in law passed away in March,his girlfriend filled out the death certificate and put herself as his wife.

The Will clearly states she was not to be considered his wife. Is that illegal? And what should the family do? Hello Sherri. The laws regarding this may vary from state to state so we suggest you consult with an estate attorney regarding this matter. They killed my father and we never saw him or the law let us see him…. My question is why was hers blacked out? If anyone could help answer that question I would really appreciate it.

Hello Crystal. You may want to contact the agency that issued the death certificate to see if they can shed any light on circumstance that may lead to a cause of death being blacked out. The answer may vary depending on what you may use the death certificate for. You can certainly pose your question to the vital record agency that issued the death certificate.

I just happened upon this information and I work at funeral home. I did not read each and every comment, but I will tell you that any issues that arise concerning a death certificate you should first contact the funeral home. They funeral home is responsible for obtaining the signature from the doctor.

This is not always as easy as it seems! Doctors are SLOW when trying to get them to sign. We do try our very best and are in constant contact with them. Once it has been signed the funeral home will then file the death certificate with the appropriate clerks office typically they are filed in the city in which death occurred unless that city does not have their own city clerk, it is then filed at the County in which death occurred. The funeral home will ask the family at the time funeral arrangements are made how many death certificates the family will want.

If the family requires anymore after the funeral home has already obtained the initial number, the family can contact the clerks office themselves to obtain more death certificates are public record in most states.

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You can contact the funeral home to obtain more but not all funeral home will do this for you. You will be charged again. If there is any errors on the death certificate, notify the funeral home asap! They will have to apply for a correction.