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Fri Nov. Both applicants must apply in person at the Lake County Clerk's office for the marriage license.

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A license to marry becomes effective in the county where it was issued one 1 day after the date of issuance unless the court orders the license is effective when issued and expires sixty 60 days after it becomes effective. Applicants who do not speak or understand English must provide their own third-party interpreter. The marriage license application process takes approximately minutes to complete. Age Both applicants must be present to obtain a license and be 18 years of age.

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Marriage applicants who are 16 or 17 years of age may marry in Illinois only when both parents or legal guardians complete a consent form at the time of the license application. Valid identification and the original birth record are required for applicants under the age of Identification Requirements Both applicants must present identification and proof of age.

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A valid U. Applicants must present valid identification displaying the exact name as it will appear on the license. For example, if it's desired to have the full middle name appear on the marriage license, then identification provided must display the full middle name. If you do not have the above forms of identification, alternative identification accepted includes any two 2 pieces: a certified copy of a birth certificate certified English translation required for foreign certificates , a valid foreign passport, U.

Personal affidavits are not acceptable. If a prior marriage or civil union ended within the last six months, the Lake County Clerk's office must see a certified copy a photocopy is not sufficient of the death record, dissolution, or annulment decree.

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Social Security Number if applicable If a Social Security number has been issued to you, you will be asked to provide the number on your marriage application. Non-Residents If either applicant resides in another state, a license will be issued only if the marriage would not be prohibited by the state of residency.

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