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The Bohemian Movement arose from an intersection of cultures and classes. In the Romani lifestyle, the early bohemians began to discover a different viewpoint on society. As with many cultural revolutions, this one began with the connection of disparate peoples unafraid to create change.

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With everything we create, we always try to go one step farther and look deeper to reveal the hidden stories. Today with our new collection , we celebrate Bohemianism and the tenants of personal expression, creativity and wanderlust that have their roots in the Doma of Rajasthan.

Bonus points for those of you bold enough to try a flower crown. You can find tons of cheap pieces at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters! Look for geometric or nature-inspired prints for extra bonus points! Gladiator sandals are truly a godsend.

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Cardigans and sweaters are a staple for any aesthetic, but for a bohemian flair, opt for lacy-knit, somewhat see-through versions. They make great layering pieces, and are light enough to wear during the fall, winter, and spring.

The other awesome thing about this item is that you can find a great version at almost any one of your favorite retailers. This way, you can afford to buy a new one every season. Tunic tops are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of bohemian style.

Embroidered tops are great for this also! Try checking at any vintage or retro stores in your area for whimsical originals. To help add a free-spirited, worldly edge to your wardrobe, nothing can replace the rich look of a bold , geometric printed item.

When it comes to bohemian jewelry , the more unique, the better. Look for original finds at the flea market, incense stores, Etsy , or even make some of your own!

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The key is to find pieces made from natural elements like wood, coral, turquoise, feathers, or suede. Have fun exploring your local vintage shops and choose each piece individually. If you love it, it will fit right in. Both you and your guests will feel the Boho vibe with plush chairs and couches in saturated colors.

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Throw rugs or overstuffed floor pillows will create a welcoming floor-seating atmosphere. Choose comfortable, relaxed pieces like chaises longues, daybeds, or butterfly chairs. Ambient, understated lighting will unify your Boho room and complete the calm and welcoming feel. Rather than overhead fixtures, decorate with multiple lanterns, candles, and floor and table lamps.


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Embracing the natural world is central to this style, so bring your room to life with ferns and hanging plants. Not only do they lend vibrancy to a room, but plants also improve air quality, so the more the merrier.

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Philodendron and peace lilies are very forgiving and withstand a variety of light and temperature levels. Or consider succulents—now widely available in a range of colors and textures—which are great for people with a less-than-green thumb. These eye-catching plants need little more than a sunny spot and occasional watering. Finally, pull together your Boho room with family heirlooms , handmade items, and objects from your travels.