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In , Little League executives announced they were disbanding the Illinois District 4 division West played in, and that the six teams from the league were being reassigned to neighboring districts. West was also placed on probation -- and several top team and league officials were either ousted or forced to step aside. As many as 13 parents were part of the proceedings, which sought financial damages to cover expenses incurred from the scandal.

Still, Little League officials insist the JRW scandal had no impact on the implementation of the new residency rules set to go into effect this season. Sign-up Next time we write about Little League International Baseball and Softball, we'll email you a link to the story. You may edit your settings or unsubscribe at any time. Little League International Baseball and Softball.

Don’t Let This Happen: Volunteer Appointment Leads to Local Controversy

Local Government. From Prairie State Wire. Thank you for signing up for Chicago City Wire Alerts! Please select the organization you wish to subscribe to. I take my opinion as gospel truth until proven wrong.

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And I have been proven wrong many times. Loose tongue is similar to putting foot in mouth. I have done it and so have you. So it begins with us not them. Regards, John. It's also important to note, while background checks on volunteers may not be a bad idea what nightmare would it be to have a sex offender alone in a railcar with a child?

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  • Little League Requires Mandatory Criminal Background Checks for Volunteer Coaches!
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A screening process similar to that of these organizations would probably be a good idea for any preservation organization, especially if the volunteer will have any possibility of interacting with anybody from the general public while performing their duties as a volunteer or otherwise appearing as an agent of the organization. As for behaviors that may not show up in a typical background check, informal calls to other area preservation groups and museums can be helpful to find out if a particular person has been removed from the organization or the property and under what circumstances this occurred.

When I was recruiting volunteers, I would first have a phone conversation with anyone that expressed an interest in volunteering. Topics of discussion included their experience, interest in volunteering, interest in our particular project and the basic rules safety, comportment while on the site, and social media activity , goals, and work ethos of our group. I'd invite questions or comments on what I outlined and, if it went well, I'd invite them to come down for one work session as a no obligation trial run so they could see if it was for them and so we could get to know them a little better.

Typical conversation was about a half hour.

I brought in several people this way and they all worked out nicely. Well I again agree to a point where it might be a possibility doing background checks but where does this all stop? The potential for people abusing enforcement of the code of conduct rules and regulations is huge. You watch the news and see how people act towards others with a different political view.

Don't Let This Happen: Volunteer Appointment Leads to Local Controversy - Little League

This rude behavior crap is becoming normal interaction for some people. So if your in the "in crowd" anything will go, any outspoken person who brings up something that is controversial and current event at said museum will be punished and now removed from the good old boys club. This is an extreme that I bring up but I have seen it many times when that power is abused. It cost my museum a pile of money and to many of us embarrassment. It will go to court too as the case I mention. Had a civil suit been filed in addition it might of got much worse.

And again I go back to policing ourselves as a starting point for mouthy volunteers like myself. As a nurse working in the HC field we were required background checks.

Background Checks for Little League® Volunteers

I am or was ok with that. That never made sense to me other than a lot of people would test positive for pot and would be out of a job. They were stealing. It is watched closely and eventually they get caught like any other thief does. The point is do you really accomplish stopping danger or criminals with any of this? I am not against being careful or proactive in keeping our industry safe but I see as much bad coming from it as I do good. And when the rules don't work we ad more rules that won't work. Just how illegal does it have to be to commit murder?

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But yet we want to enact more laws that do nothing to stop or thwart crime. So the law abiding get penalized and criminals laugh at the stupid crackers who just don't get it. Yes I am cynical and aware of it too. Posted: Tue Feb 19, pm. Page 2 of 2. Print view. Previous topic Next topic. Scranton Yard. Joined: Thu Feb 27, am Posts: John Risley wrote: Think this an interesting subject not because of the posting I missed. A wise platoon Sgt. That's been true all of my life. That's why we have so many laws and regs. Instead of squashing the first five percenter like a cockroach and making an example this is what we are left with.

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Joined: Fri Mar 26, am Posts: John Risley. Joined: Tue Aug 24, pm Posts: Scranton Yard wrote: Great progress. Sadly, I was not aware of this thread until today. I will help out the Loco Shop by streaming the special moves. With the helpful tip of Mike Tillger and Mike Theriault last December, I got good footage of the firing up of the prime mover for